WWE’s Possible Plans To Split WrestleMania Into Two Days, Potential Main Event For April 4th

WWE’s biggest pay-per-view of the year, Wrestlemania 36 will emanate from multiple locations on April 4th and 5th. The coronavirus pandemic put a nail in WWE’s plans for the 36th edition of the Show Of Shows and despite being forced to change plans now and then, the billion-dollar promotion has managed to put together a stacked card that currently boasts of 13 official matches.

WWE has already begun filming the grand two-day event without an audience in attendance. The company is taking strict measures to ensure there are not more than 50 people on the set at any given time. Only Florida-based personnel are working the tapings this week.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the various options WWE has in its arsenal to split up the WrestleMania 36 card. The top singles title bouts will possibly close out both nights, however, there’s also the possibility of WWE splitting up by brand in which case RAW will get one night and SmackDown the other.

“Well, I’m figuring it’s Roman Reigns and Goldberg headlining one show and Brock Lesnar and Drew McIntyre headlining the other. Then probably splitting Undertaker/ AJ Styles and Edge and Orton.”

Meanwhile, Fightful Select reports that a lot of “back and forth” has been going on in WWE about the main event for April 4th. Becky Lynch vs. Shayna Balzer for the RAW Women’s Championship was initially planned to headline the first night, but now Roman Reigns vs. Goldberg for the Universal Championship happens to be the frontrunner to close out the show.

“At one point, Becky Lynch vs. Shayna Baszler was set to main event night one. However, there is word there was a push for Reigns and Goldberg to be in that spot.”

Since the entire 2-day event will be pre-recorded, WWE “can make about anything happen with the way they’re filming it.”