WWE Possibly Dropping Lars Sullivan’s Name

Lars Sullivan is back to wreak havoc on Friday Night SmackDown and Michael Cole is trying hard to put a new name over for the big man.

On SmackDown, Cole referred to Sullivan as The Freak 22 times. This is quite striking because the long-time announcer called Sullivan by his moniker way more times than his actual ring name.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE could be planning a permanent change to Sullivan’s name.

While they did use the name Sullivan, it’s very clear they are trying to put over the name The Freak, which Cole said over and over and over, while only saying Sullivan a few times. It’s what they do when the plan is to transition the name. 

Sullivan has been a figure of huge controversy owing to his tainted past.

His homophobic comments on the bodybuilding forum, involvement in adult movies, and recent sexist messages to a married yoga teacher on Instagram make it seem as if WWE is desperate to give The Freak a fresh start by leaving “Lars Sullivan” behind.