WWE Quietly Trying To Phase Out “The Wild Card Rule?”

The company is hoping that the brand split will come back into effect

Image via WWE

Vince McMahon himself unveiled “The Wild Card Rule” a few short months ago on Monday Night Raw, as a way to allow a number of stars to make appearances on opposite brands if they were embroiled in a feud that allowed it. McMahon officially declared that just four stars would be allowed to switch brands per show, but it’s not a rule that has been stuck to in recent weeks.

The brand split has seemingly come to an end in WWE and “The Wild Card Rule” caused a number of problems for WWE’s creative team because more often than not there were more than four superstars appearing on their opposite brand at any one time.

It’s safe to say that it was one of McMahon’s idea’s that didn’t go to plan and now according to an exclusive report from Tom Colohue of Sportskeeda, the company is looking to quietly phase out the rule following SummerSlam.

“They’re quietly wrapping up the wild card rule. No big announcement or anything. There’s a lot of people who want it to end. Companies, sponsors, management, and talent. You don’t get another Lynch and Rousey moment without that Survivor Series format.”

There are less than eight weeks left now until SmackDown Live moves over to the FOX Network and the company is then forced to step up their game when they go head to head with AEW who make their debut on TNT on October 2nd.

The biggest issue with “The Wild Card Rule” was the fact that recent matches between SmackDown and Raw were able to happen on pay-per-view when they should have been kept until Survivor Series.

WWE has given away a lot of matches in recent months and now the company is hoping that the brand split will come back into effect and Survivor Series in November will be as successful as usual.