WWE Raw Reportedly Falling Apart Without Paul Heyman at The Helm

Paul Heyman was fired from his role as Executive Director of Monday Night Raw a few weeks ago and has since been able to pick up a new role alongside Roman Reigns on SmackDown.

Ahead of his dismissal, Heyman was leading WWE’s creative team on Raw and was one of the reasons why the show ran much smoother in the opening months of 2020.

According to a new report by Gary Cassidy of Sportskeeda, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon didn’t even look at the script from last night’s Labour Day episode of Raw until the morning of the show and this was the reason that matches were announced so late.

This was backed by a report from sources close to Ringsidenews that went on to state that WWE’s flagship show is falling apart without Roman Reigns’ new manager back at the helm of their creative writing process.

“RAW has really fallen apart without [Paul] Heyman driving the creative.”

The same source went on to note that the two writers who are currently leading the Creative team on Monday Night Raw are “not up to the task of getting the show done in time” right now, or “getting input from talent” in a timely manner.