WWE RAW Reunion Could Be Bad News For SmackDown Fox Debut

"More than 35" big names of yesteryear will be present on the historic RAW special next week

Image via Youtube

WWE RAW Reunion takes place next Monday (July 22) from the Amalie Arena, Tampa, FL, and the show has been already hyped as the biggest reunion in the history of the promotion.

As it turns out, this special reunion show was originally planned for SmackDown’s debut on FOX (October 4). USA Network hasn’t been happy with the viewership ratings as of late and compelled WWE to host the reunion on Monday Night RAW instead.

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On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that it’s possible to host two big reunions with a 3-month gap in-between. However, as RAW gets the special show early, it’s possible that the second reunion on SmackDown’s debut show on FOX will not be much of a statement.

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“Here’s the thing, SmackDown’s 20th Anniversary is coming up very soon. SmackDown is gonna have their first show on Fox very soon. The original idea for the first SmackDown on Fox was essentially this show. Now I suppose they could do it twice, but after doing it in July coming back and doing the same type of a show by bringing all the legends back in October — you know, I guess you could do it just because it’s the debut on Fox and this is Network television and it’s kinda weird to do it that way so I don’t know if they’ll do another one like that.”

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If WWE does indeed plan to host the second reunion on SmackDown, it’s possible that fans won’t be invested in the show completely. Next week’s RAW reunion is bound to take away much from The Blue Show special and in the end, the SmackDown debut show on FOX will be remembered as yet another weekly episode.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will reportedly not be at next week’s reunion but there’s a tremendous possibility of him showing up at the Staples Center on October 4.

Similarly, if WWE can book ‘fresh’ legends for the SmackDown special, then it would definitely be a winning move for both the blue brand and the billion-dollar company as a whole.