WWE Raw Tag Team Match Reportedly Ended Prematurely As It Broke Vince McMahon’s Golden Rule

Many fans were left scratching their heads following Monday Night Raw after Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy were disqualified after The Monday Night Messiah caught Rey Mysterio while he was delivering the 619 and then started to beat down the former World Champion on the outside.

This has been seen a number of times before in Tag Team matches, but this time around the referee called for the bell and Aleister Black and Mysterio were named the winners. Rollins obviously continued the beat down on Mysterio and has seemingly sidelined the star for a number of weeks now after blinding him on the steel steps.

The finish of the match was discussed in today’s episode of The Wrestling Observer where it was revealed that the referee called for the bell because it had broken one of Vince McMahon’s golden rules.

“So, in a tag team match, and I’m going to try and explain all of this to you as this is so ridiculous, okay! So you know how you tag and there are five seconds where you can both be in the ring at the same time, right? So if I tag you for five seconds we can both be in the ring as it counts to five. So if I tag you, for that five seconds we are both allowed to beat on that one competitor. It can be 2-on-1 for those five seconds. However, outside of that five seconds, if you’re not the legal man, you can not touch the other team’s, legal man. And Vince McMahon is adamant, adamant that this is enforced!”

“So Vince McMahon is so adamant about this rule that when the wrestlers put together matches, I mean, there are spots they want to do, but they can’t because they will violate this rule here. Now, granted, even though I said all that, you are still allowed to break up a pin. So illegal, as noted, can hit legal to break up a pin. via Sportskeeda.”