WWE Reached Out to Wrestlers Featured on AEW Dark

AEW is providing a new stage to wrestlers who aren’t popular yet. They showcase their talent to the world that is almost as big as WWE.

Recently, Fightful Select revealed that WWE reached out to several wrestlers who performed on AEW Dark tapings. A few weeks ago, Ben Carter impressed the world with his terrific performance and soon, WWE signed him.

The company is actively seeking out new talent and it may not surprise AEW if the Vince McMahon led promotion signs a few more talents.

WWE can do this because a lot of wrestlers who perform on AEW Dark aren’t in a contract. Some of them are free agents and are performing without any exclusive contracts.

However, AEW knows this as well. If they are allowing wrestlers to perform on AEW Dark then the bidding competition would be tough.

Tony Khan will want to build his own stars and could offer a plethora of money to those who deserve it.