WWE Released Employees Without Any Prior Warning, Locker Room Furious

Several employees were released and put on furlough in the past 48 hours as WWE slashed multiple names off their payroll to keep their budget steady and recover from the financial damages suffered during the coronavirus pandemic.

The recent employee cull not only caught the WWE Universe off guard but also the talents and workers who were handed the pink slip.

Sportskeeda’s Tom Colohue reports that an announcement was made regarding WWE’s cost-cutting measures but nobody had any clue of what was going to happen immediately after. The news “came out of nowhere” and the company didn’t issue any warning before the decision was made.

“It came out of nowhere and almost immediately after the talent were informed that there would be cuts and all staff were told, the producers, the writers were told that there would be cuts. Phone calls were immediately started to be made. The first five people announced by the WWE, they had been contacted immediately afterwards. They had no warning.”

“This batch of releases when they were coming was definitely a surprise. No one knew this was coming in advance.”

It was further noted that the locker room was furious at the releases and everybody had a hard time seeing their co-workers being let go during the global pandemic.

“The second that everyone was informed the cuts were going to be happening I started getting messages basically saying, ‘This is not on, this is wrong.’ The locker room is furious and it goes from top to bottom. Nobody in any way is accepting of this.”

“There is massive disappointment, massive anger and there is still an underlying worry anyone could be next.”

Hundreds of WWE employees are rumored to lose their jobs in the coming days. As ever, WrestlingWorld will bring you all the updated news here.