WWE Renovating the Performance Center, Trainees Moved to Makeshift Facility

WWE’s training facility in Orlando, Florida, the state-of-the-art Performance Center, is set to get a makeover.

WWE is currently in the process of enhancing the Performance Center, according to Fightful Select.

“Right now, the WWE Performance Center is being renovated and remodeled. Those that we’ve spoken to say they’ve enjoyed training at the makeshift facility and the in-house wrestling events have resumed there.”

WWE used the Performance Center as the host for all their shows from March until their move to the WWE ThunderDome at the Amway Center last month.

Due to this, the developmental trainees were moved to a makeshift facility near to the Performance Center.

The temporary facility will be used until the makeover is complete.

WWE’s Performance Center was established in 2013 and is extensively used to train new signees under the tutelage of former superstars like Shawn Michaels and Matt Bloom.