WWE Reportedly Booked Triple Threat King Of The Ring SemiFinals To “Showcase” Ricochet

Can The One And Only book his spot in the finals of the tournament?

Image via WWE

The Clash Of Champions go-home edition of Monday Night RAW will emanate from the Madison Square Garden and WWE is firing on all cylinders to make the show as much packed as possible.

This week on RAW, WWE booked Ricochet, Baron Corbin and Samoa Joe in a Triple Threat matchup for the semifinals of the ongoing King Of The Ring tournament.

The One And Only and The Samoan Submission Machine were both counted out, causing their quarterfinal match to end in a double pinfall, and WWE booked all three RAW Superstars for the semifinals next week.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that the Triple Threat semifinal booking was made with the sole purpose of showcasing Ricochet at MSG.

“They’re doing a three-way which actually makes no sense, but the idea there is to actually showcase Ricochet which is not saying that he’s necessarily winning. He might be, but the idea is that in the match at The Garden Ricochet’s going to be there as a babyface against two heels and two big heels and he’s not a big guy so they dynamic is supposed to work for him — I mean the match is for him.”

Although a victory isn’t guaranteed for babyface Ricochet, the fact that he will go toe-to-toe with two bigger heels is enough to help WWE shine the spotlight on him at The World’s Most Famous Arena.

As previously reported, the 2019 King Of The Ring tournament has been designed to push a particular Superstar and it seems that Ricochet could be the lucky one who WWE had in mind while booking the contest.

The finals of the tournament will be held at Clash Of Champions and it’s too early to predict the winner as plans are constantly changing in WWE, and there’s every possibility of Vince McMahon crowning a completely different winner in place of the chosen one on September 15.