WWE Reportedly Bringing Back Pyro For Weekly Shows

The shows will hopefully have some 'fire' power

Image via WWE

WWE is known for its over-the-top and overzealous action, which serves as the entertainment in the sports entertainment. Two years ago, WWE stopped using pyrotechnics on their shows, which took away a lot of impact from the shows altogether.

Brock Lesnar‘s entrance didn’t make any sense, the likes of Rey Mysterio, Batista, and Goldberg were deprived of their iconic pyro-filled entrances from the previous era.

However, WWE is reportedly set to bring back the pyro next week, which is great news for wrestling enthusiasts. According to Wrestlevotes, Fireworks will make a return to WWE television from next week’s RAW episode.

The upcoming week is filled with major moments for WWE, as all the three shows of WWE have big things lined up. NXT makes its full two-hour debut on Wednesday, RAW has its season premiere on Monday, while SmackDown moves to Friday Nights on FOX on October 4th.

Fans have clamored for a return of the pyro-based entrances, and it seems like the company has finally answered their calls. WWE cut pyro in 2017 as a ‘cost-cutting’ measure which led to weekly shows and PPVs lacking the iconic fireworks.

WWE signed billion-dollar deals with USA Network and FOX last year, and both the deals kick off quite soon. The NXT-USA deal was signed pretty recently and it’s not as huge as the other two shows, but it’s worth quite a lot. The large influx of finances could’ve led to WWE bringing back the pyro and it could be more than just a one-off event.

WWE hasn’t completely stopped the usage of pyro in the last two years, as the WrestleMania events along with the Saudi Arabia PPVs have seen the usage of lots and lots of fireworks.

Brock Lesnar is set to appear on RAW and SmackDown next week, and his entrance will finally make sense once again with the return of the pyro! Hopefully, WWE starts using it in the PPVs as well.