WWE Reportedly Doesn’t Have Backup Plans When It Comes to Royal Rumble Matches

WWE presents one of their most chaotic matches of the year at the start of the Road To WrestleMania and every year there is just one winner chosen to come out on top.

Back in 2005, the WWE Universe witnessed first hand what happens when the ending of the match goes wrong and the company is forced to go to plan B.

Despite this happening on live TV and Batista being crowned as the winner of the Royal Rumble after a restart, WWE reportedly still doesn’t have a backup plan when heading into Royal Rumble matches.

Former WWE referee Mike Chioda was part of Monday Mailbag on AdFreeShows recently where he confirmed that WWE has a plan B which is usually to restart the match with the final two stars. Other than this, the match is mostly called on the fly.

“‘Not really. That’s a good question. But I mean, Plan B, no, there is no Plan B. When you are going into a Royal Rumble match, I mean, we can call this stuff on the fly. So, if there are two guys that go out at the same time, I’m sure we would just restart the match and redo those two competitors.”

“If they fell at the same time, it would be a draw. But Plan B if anybody gets hurt or something, no, we’d just call it on the fly and then we would say, ‘okay, this one’s going over,’ or they would let that guy lay low for a while, and we would come up with a Plan B finish, with the same guy but, everything is called on the fly at certain times.”