WWE Reportedly Dropping Plans for a Revamped Nation of Domination

It was recently reported that WWE is planning to do a revamped version of the Nation of Domination faction on RAW. WWE was planning to carry out the angle this week, which was the reason why Ron Simmons made a random appearance with The Hurt Business.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the company also brought in Mark Henry for the debut of the new Nation of Domination but didn’t go forward with it.

Simmons, who was part of the original NOD stable with The Rock, Kama Mustafa, and D’Lo Brown, had some words for MVP and Lashley in the segment. Later on, in the show, the duo officially brought in Shelton Benjamin as part of their group, and will most likely go ahead as The Hurt Business officially.

Henry was also a part of the stable which featured several stars during their stint in the early days of the Attitude Era.

Nation of Domination

Although WWE decided to include Benjamin, there is still no clarity on whether they plan to go ahead with the revamped NOD idea. The idea for a modern-day Nation of Domination was shot down by several people backstage, as it felt completely out of line to bring back the stable in the current situation.

With the backlash for the idea, WWE could have permanently dropped the idea for the revamped group. MVP has tried recruiting Cedric Alexander, R-Truth, Ricochet, Apollo Crews into his stable with no success so far.