WWE Reportedly Failed To Establish The Miz As A Top Babyface On RAW, Possible New Direction

WWE has repeatedly buried The A-Lister to get Shane McMahon over

Image via WWE

The Miz is apparently directionless right now. He is doing things on a week-to-week basis and his recent feuds don’t even make any sense whatsoever.

Since feuding with Shane McMahon post-Fastlane, The Miz has undoubtedly positioned himself as a decent promising babyface. However his back-to-back losses at the hands of Shane and later on against other Superstars have actually taken away the heat that he had garnered for so long.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that WWE’s original plan was to establish The A-Lister as a top babyface on Monday Night RAW.

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“He was supposed to be one of the main guys, like main babyfaces on RAW right near the top and then they just kept using him to get other people over and then all of a sudden he’s not over at that level.

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The Miz was supposedly to take on the rebellious character that is currently being played by Kevin Owens. With The Prizefighter now waging the war against The Prodigal Son, WWE needs to chalk out a fresh direction for The Miz.

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“So, now they’re trying to whatever it is erase it or just get him going and they need to do it by saying, ‘OK, yeah he wasn’t serious enough — now we’ve got a new guy and now he’s serious, so.’ This is step one on that.”

It’s worth noting that The Miz could still be established as a top babyface despite his current status.

It’s true that The Miz isn’t over at that main event level but given his sharp in-ring abilities and tremendous mic skills, it won’t be long before WWE manages to establish him as a top babyface on the red brand.

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All WWE needs to do is to hand The A-Lister some big victories at back-to-back PPVs and that would be enough to shine the spotlight on the Grand Slam Champion.