WWE Reportedly Introduced Raw Underground to Boost Abysmal TV Ratings

This week on RAW, WWE introduced a new type of product that echoes the Fight Club theme – RAW Underground.

Shane McMahon’s new vision, RAW Underground, featured a few bouts that saw main roster Superstars tearing up enhancement talents. Dabba-Kato (a renamed Babatunde) was the only developmental talent to destroy a few guys in a worked shoot segment.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed the reason why WWE introduced the new RAW Underground segment. The shoot-styled concept of wrestling inside a ring without ropes is being spearheaded by Shane-O-Mac and the sole purpose behind this new format is the nightmarish ratings dip.

Vince McMahon was grilled during the latest investors’ call and he simply decided to throw anything on the wall hoping that something sticks.

“The reality is that they were going to do the lowest number ever because look at the last two weeks. They had to try something different. They have been under the gun, and that investors call, and even before the investors call, they knew going in because they had a meeting, you know the writing team, and Vince had a meeting on Wednesday before the investors call, so it’s before Vince got grilled, he already had the meeting and, you know the only thing they basically came up with or agreed on was Shane McMahon would come in and do the fight thing, and Randy Orton and Ric Flair would do an angle for next week as it didn’t happen tonight, and that was it.”

Since the beginning of this year, WWE has struggled with the ratings, oftentimes scoring record-low viewership and things went completely out of hand over the last couple of weeks.

“Today was complete chaos, to the point that, a lot of guys who usually don’t see things as being bad, really did as they could see how. Okay, so the whole thing is that they were just going to throw a whole bunch of stuff against the wall and hope something sticks. That’s really where we’re at right now, and that’s what tonight’s show was, throw a whole bunch of stuff on the wall and maybe find something that’s a hit.”

There’s a ton of pressure on WWE to get ratings back on track and the next few weeks will be crucial for Mr. McMahon & Co. In case, The Chairman of Board fails to turn things around, WWE should be prepared for the worst-case scenario.