WWE Reportedly Looking At Two Different WrestleMania Scenarios, Matt Hardy’s WWE Future


WrestleMania is now less than two months away and it appears that the card is taking shape with the build-up to some of the biggest matches on the show already underway. Headline news this week has surrounded John Cena and the fact that the former 16-time World Champion wants to be part of this year’s show.

According to a report by WrestleVotes, WWE is currently looking at two different scenarios at WrestleMania which could either see John Cena battling The Fiend for this record 17th World Championship, or Roman Reigns battling the Universal Champion while Cena then takes on the returning Goldberg.

John Cena’s name being thrown into the mix for WrestleMania has definitely given WWE a headache, but it could be that the company decides that Cenas battle for his record 17th World title could be a much better story than Roman Reigns vs The Fiend.

One man who will not be part of WrestleMania is Matt Hardy since his WWE contract expires in just over two weeks’ time and it seems as though he could be heading to AEW. As part of last night’s episode of Dynamite, many fans believe that Jim Ross was dropping some hints about Hardy’s status with the company since he referred to The Young Bucks as “The Bucks of Youth” when they made their way to the ring.

This is the nickname that Matt Hardy gave to The Young Bucks throughout their time in Ring of Honor and whenever he had to reference the Tag Team while in character.

There have been a lot of rumors regarding Matt Hardy’s status when his current contract with WWE expires, including the speculation that he could be the leader of The Dark Order but the man himself if yet to set these rumors straight.