WWE Reportedly Made $500,000 Off Brock Lesnar on YouTube

Brock Lesnar doesn’t come cheap and neither does he like to work a full-time schedule. The 3-time Universal Champion is all about big money and despite working a light schedule at the age of 43, Lesnar is still WWE’s highest-paying Superstar across all brands.

It’s no secret that Lesnar is synonymous to gigantic box-office draw in combat sports. The Beast’s name itself is more than enough to move merchandise and turn any PPV into a houseful event.

WWE’s recent move to the Amway Center in Orlando will reportedly make the sports and entertainment arena a handsome $450,000 for the promotion’s two-month tenure at the ThunderDome.

However, per Tom Colohue, that figure is actually nothing compared to what Lesnar has helped pull in for WWE from YouTube.

“Well, the cost that they have got is still much less than it would cost for them to go to certain areas and travel around and, at least travel with all of the equipment that they got.”

“Yes, it’s quite a larger amount of money, but for the WWE, it is quite a small amount of money. And to be fair, $500,000 is what they made from Brock Lesnar on YouTube alone, for example.”

Several of Lesnar’s videos have cracked a million views on YouTube and his very name on the title can generate an insane number of clicks.

Despite working a part-time schedule, The Conqueror continues to enjoy his status as the #1 draw for WWE.

“Now, the WWE just believe that with everything going on right now, it is just essential to get out of the performance centre because it gives them that variation. It gives them that potential for more viewership and potentially more interest.”

The latest rumors suggest that WWE’s move to the Amway Center opens the door for Lesnar and Roman Reigns’ potential return at SummerSlam.