WWE Reportedly Made Last-Minute Changes on SmackDown Last Week

It was clear that SmackDown’s show last week went through several changes before it made it to air, since WWE on FOX advertised Seth Rollins’ return but the former World Champion wasn’t part of the show.

This wasn’t the only noticeable segment that failed to make it to air since WWE’s social media team advertised the fact that Roman Reigns had a special request, but The Tribal Chief didn’t deliver any kind of request as part of the show.

According to a report by Ringsidenews, Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns looked to change the segment into what was seen as part of the show instead.

Vince McMahon had already informed their social media teams of the plans for the Universal Champion before they were changed and then decided not to change their output before the show.

In recent weeks, it has appeared as though all of the plans that are shared on Social Media ahead of the shows are subject to change since Raw and SmackDown are being heavily re-written at the last minute.

As of writing, it is unclear as to whether or not WWE will circle back on the idea of Roman Reigns delivering a special request.