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WWE NXT: Drake Maverick Re-Signs With WWE, Major Tag Teams Return

Drake Maverick's fairytale run in the Interim Cruiserweight Championship run finally came to an end this week on NXT after he lost...

WWE NXT Takeover: In Your House 2020 Match Card, Predictions, Date, Start Time

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Chelsea Green Rumored to Be The Next Main Roster Call-up in WWE

Matt Riddle was called up to SmackDown last week and there are some sources that claim that Dominik Dijakovic could be the...

Nia Jax Branded Racist Following Insensitive Promo on Raw

Nia Jax has been garnering a lot of negative attention over the past few weeks following continuous botches in her matches on...

WWE Reportedly Making Changes To Their Match Presentation Starting This Week On Raw

If you are a regular viewer of both WWE Raw and SmackDown, you might notice a few changes in the flow of the program starting this week’s episodes.

It is being reported by Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer Radio that there will no longer be any wrestling during commercial breaks.

Vince McMahon is supposed to have made the decision and announced it during a meeting that was held last week. Allegedly, that was the reason for there being two 2-out-of-3 falls match on Raw and SmackDown last week.

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Since many matches during the television’s episodes go through a commercial break, McMahon’s new verdict will change how matches are booked. One way to have matches without a break with no wrestling would be to have a match with multiple falls, so two-out-of-three falls is a good way to manage that.

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An updated report on the “no wrestling over commercial breaks” rule was given by John Pollock for Post Wrestling.

According to Pollock, the rule was introduced by McMahon during a production meeting last Monday.

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“The idea is that legitimate sports don’t play during the break, so they are adjusting their match presentation,” reports Pollock.

“This resulted in several 2-of-3 falls matches and other ideas to pause the match and resume after the commercial. It will be a challenge to come up with organic ideas to break the matchup, especially on Raw where you have many multiple segment matches for the three-hour format. It does hurt the flow of the match when you have a commercial break in the middle and from a match presentation, it hurts on television,” he added.


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