WWE Reportedly Moved Major Storylines to SmackDown to Keep FOX Happy

FOX network is known for pulling the plug on low-performing shows with popular series like Firefly, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Arrested Development being a few examples.

When WWE moved Smackdown to FOX, a lot of individuals were skeptical, considering WWE’s falling ratings in recent times.

It seems like WWE is getting paranoid about these ratings themselves, as they are putting all their eggs in one basket by moving some of the biggest storylines to the blue brand.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE is planning to have three major angles (Reigns-Uso, Mysterio-Rollins, Murphy-Dominik) on Friday nights in order to please the FOX executives.

“It was noted to us by one key person in WWE that having the three big angles all on Smackdown was on purpose because Raw is a lock on USA no matter what because they need the show or USA Network collapses in the ratings. FOX doesn’t need Smackdown.”

WWE has always placed Rollins and Reigns as the top guys in the company, which made Rollins’ switch to the same brand quite surprising. This is the first time Rollins will appear on the blue brand since the Brand Split took place in 2016.