WWE Reportedly Not Set To Punish Rhyno For Slammiversary Appearance

Image via tpww.net

Rhyno is one of WWE/ECW’s best-known legends and was called back to the company a few years ago to be part of the NXT set up. The former ECW star was then promoted to the main roster following the 2016 Brand Split and was made part of a storyline with Heath Slater that later lead to SmackDown Tag Team Championship gold since he and Heath were the first Champions.

Despite the fact that he was a champion, he was still underused by the company and was then fired from Monday Night Raw by Baron Corbin a few months ago. Rhyno’s contract with WWE reportedly comes to an end on July 17th and he may have already made the move over to Impact Wrestling.

It was obvious that it was Rhyno who appeared as part of Slammiversary last night and hit the Gore on Michael Elgin but because he was under a mask and didn’t reveal himself, technically he hasn’t broken any rules relating to his WWE contract.

Even though he was under a mask, Rhyno has a pretty distinctive look and many fans realized that it was him and wondered if WWE would punish him for appearing for another promotion when he was still cashing cheques from WWE.

According to Ryan Satin of ProWrestlingSheet, Rhyno isn’t expected to be punished by WWE for making the appearance and the company isn’t even expected to respond to the situation, even though he is still technically contracted to WWE.

Rhyno’s page was moved over to the Alumni section back in April and it was made obvious that the company didn’t have any future plans for him so they could have already come to terms with the fact that he’s moved on to another promotion.