WWE Reportedly Planning a Big Feud Between Sheamus and Drew McIntyre

For the past three weeks, WWE has been displaying Sheamus and Drew McIntyre in short backstage segments. It doesn’t happen very often that a heel and face act as friends in WWE.

This week on Raw, Sheamus presented McIntyre with a chest that contained a kilt and a sword. It also made the main event interesting on Raw, as McIntyre came in wearing the kilt with a claymore in his hands. He penetrated the sword right through the ramp and made his way to the ring.

McIntyre defeated Randy Orton and won the WWE Championship for the second time in his career. WWE has also confirmed that he’ll face Universal Champion Roman Reigns in a Champion vs Champion match at Survivor Series.

Reportedly, there is a reason why WWE is showing Sheamus and Drew as best friends.

According to the Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE is planning a future rivalry between The Celtic Warrior and The Scottish Psychopath. Both are portrayed as “buddies” right now and it’ll draw a lot of eyeballs when one turns on the other in the future.

In the past, McIntyre has expressed interest in facing Sheamus in WWE and he believes it’ll be a great feud for the wrestling fans.