WWE Reportedly Planning a Face Turn For Randy Orton

Randy Orton has been at the top of his game in WWE for more than a decade and as a 13-time World Champion, he is considered to be one of the best wrestlers in the company at present, or certainly one with the most experience.

Orton, much like John Cena in recent years has opted to have much less time on the road, which is why The Viper isn’t seen at many house shows for SmackDown and is allowed to take lengthy breaks if the company doesn’t have anything creative for him to do.

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Orton was recently in a lengthy feud with WWE Champion Kofi Kingston that lasted through both SummerSlam and Clash of Champions. The Apex Predator was unable to dethrone Kingston as part of their feud since this was something that Brock Lesnar did in a few seconds last week when SmackDown debuted on FOX.

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It came as a huge shock on Friday night when Orton was drafted back over to Monday Night Raw since he’s been seen as one of the more experienced stars in SmackDown’s locker room and could have been one of the stars that helped the company transition into a new era following their move over to the FOX Network.

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According to a report by The Wrestling Observer, Randy Orton is expected to turn babyface following his move over to Raw or at least the company is looking to test out The Viper in this role moving forward. This is somewhat interesting since he recently faced Ali at Hell in a Cell and went on to praise the up and comer following the match even though Orton won the match.

Orton could work in the same way that Cena did a few years ago where he now puts over new talent since he seemed happy working with Ali last weekend.