WWE Reportedly “Pulled Some Strings” To Bring Brock Lesnar into USA for WrestleMania

Brock Lesnar is a very important man, but him living in Canada was thought to be an issue. There is a travel ban between Canada and the USA, but an exception was made for The Beast Incarnate.

Lesnar is one of the biggest names in WWE and has consistently been the top draw at several PPVs. Leading up to WrestleMania 36, Lesnar held the WWE Championship on the red brand and was scheduled to take on Drew McIntyre at the PPV.

Shortly before the event, USA had imposed restrictions on travel from different countries, which put the plans for several wrestles in jeopardy, including Brock Lesnar. Other Canadian residents like Robert Roode and Singh Brothers have been absent from WWE programming for a while, but WWE found a work-around for Lesnar.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that WWE was able to pull some strings and bring Lesnar in time for the PPV. Lesnar ended up losing the title in the main event of Night Two of the event.

“Lesnar also [lives in Canada] but with him they were able to pull strings and make it work. Most of the other talent that is Canadian have moved to Florida so it’s not an issue”

Several other Canadian residents like Kevin Owens and Natalya have moved to Florida for the time being, so that they can make it to the Performance Center for the tapings.

Lesnar hasn’t appeared on WWE programming since losing his title, and it is widely predicted that he won’t return anytime before the pandemic ends. Vince McMahon noted in his investors call that ‘Lesnar is gone’, which could even mean an end for Lesnar in WWE.

Lesnar had a packed schedule all year and appeared on almost every episode of RAW before losing his title at WrestleMania. His future remains a mystery, but it’s hard to envision him returning for the empty-arena shows.