WWE Reportedly Released More Than 60 Employees in the Second Wave

WWE had another round of releases this week, with several employees getting the ax. WWE had a similar round of mass releases after WrestleMania 36, which saw the departure of a number of employees.

The latest round has over sixty employees who were shown the door, but none of the wrestlers were affected, according to PWInsider.

Some of the big names who were released include Gerald Brisco, Mike Rotunda, and Sarah Stock.

Most of the releases were part of teams that aren’t very active currently, which include the employees used for live events production.

With WWE having virtually zero touring schedules at this point in time, the company found its best fit to let go of these individuals.

Some employees who were furloughed during the April releases were also released this week.

WWE had a record Q2 this year, but despite the profits, they are looking to trim down their roster.