WWE Reportedly Scripted “WrestleMania Main Event Worthy” Line Last Night on Raw

The Road to WrestleMania doesn’t officially begin for more than two months, but it appears that WWE could already be planting some seeds ahead of next year’s big showcase.

While Vince McMahon remains hopeful that the big women’s match will see Ronda Rousey make her return to take on Becky Lynch, the Chairman could also have some other plans for the Women’s Division.

Many fans noted last night on Raw that Byron Saxton called the matchup between Asuka and Nia Jax a “WrestleMania main event worthy” which seemed to be a throwaway line.

It was also used as part of a throwaway match which seemingly didn’t mean too much in the grand scheme of things.

According to Fightful Select, this was a completely scripted line that was directly from WWE.

“There was no ad-libbing on his part for that line, and was a total directive from WWE.”

While it is too early to begin making plans for WrestleMania, WWE could already be thinking about who Asuka will be challenged by for her Raw Women’s Championship.

This could even be a huge hint that Nia Jax could be the woman to win next year’s Royal Rumble and look to dethrone the Raw Women’s Champion at WrestleMania.