WWE Reportedly “Winging It” With RETRIBUTION

Over the past few weeks, WWE has been targeted by a new group that goes by the name of RETRIBUTION, a stable which appears in full black gear complete with face coverings and so far the team doesn’t have any kind of pattern to their attacks.

Stars including Rey Mysterio, Dominik, and Big E have fallen victim to the stable but at present, there haven’t been any hints as to who the stars behind the masks could be.

While there are several rumors floating around that Mia Yim, Chelsea Green, Carmella, and even Dominik Dijakovic could be part of the group, nothing has been confirmed.

RingSideNews is now reporting that at present WWE is “Winging it” with the stable and has no long term plan.

“WWE’s Retribution angle is fun. Thing is, we’ve been told that Vince McMahon came up with the idea “on a whim,” and now “we’re just winging it. Any Superstars under those masks are subject to change, or they could stay. Who knows?! “Possible? Yes. Definite? No way.” 

Various reports have suggested that many of the superstars under the masks at present are only merely placeholders, much like how La Luchadora was portrayed by many different women before being revealed as Mickie James back in 2017.