Charlotte Reportedly Told That She Would Main Event WrestleMania

Charlotte is a former seven-time Women’s Champion who has been able to accomplish so much throughout her time on WWE’s main roster, but whilst Charlotte has been on-hand to main event pay-per-views like Hell in a Cell and Fastlane, she is someone who has been pushing for a WrestleMania main event so that she can ensure her name goes into the history books.

The rumor right now is that Becky Lynch will main event the showcase of the immortals alongside Ronda Rousey given the fact that the two women are currently at odds on either roster. 

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Charlotte and Rousey also have unfinished business, but the two women are expected to collide at The Royal Rumble, which will be where the match between Lynch and Rousey will be made official. 

Jon Fisher recently noted on the Oh, You Didn’t Know podcast that despite all the rumors heading into the show, Charlotte had already been told that she will be part of the main event and she is now expecting a payday for being part of the biggest show of the year. 

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“A good source told me within the last week or so that despite the booking of the TLC match with Charlotte, Asuka, and Becky Lynch before the Charlotte/ Ronda Rousey match at Survivor Series that Charlotte was told that she’d be in the main event of WrestleMania,” he said via Ringsidenews.

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This means that there could be a triple threat match in the main event of WrestleMania which would see Lynch vs Flair vs Rousey if the company is able to extend this storyline into 2019 and include all three women in the buildup, despite them being on separate brands. 

Right now the women are one of the best part of WWE TV and would be a good choice for WWE to decide to allow the women to finally main event the biggest event of the year next year.