Former NXT Champion Aleister Black Being Considered For Main Roster?

Speaking during a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that he has been hearing constant talk about Black getting moved from NXT to the main roster. No further details were given, but that’s more than enough to get fan’s speculating on Black’s future.

Black lost the NXT Championship last July to Tommaso Ciampa after interference from Johnny Gargano. He was supposed to have a three-way singles match with Ciampa and Gargano for the Championship at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4, but was attacked and left unconscious in the parking lot, removing him from the match.

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The “Who Attacked Aleister Black” storyline was meant to keep Black on the WWE Universe’ mind as he recovered from a groin injury.

The storyline cumulated in a heel turn for Gargano, who was revealed to be the attacker. Black and Gargano have since been in a storyline rivalry which cumulated in a match during NXT TakeOver: WarGames which ended in a victory for Black.

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Seeing as Black has currently seemed to finish his “business” at NXT, it is not too much of a stretch to think he could move to the main roster. He has had experience touring and interacting with the main roster before, after all.

Back in May, during his reign as NXT Champion, Black was part of the WWE European tour. He spoke positively about his experience ever since.

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“It’s an incredible experience and it’s very humbling. It makes me even more focused on doing right by the company with the belt I’m carrying and the brand I’m carrying and incredibly excited for when the time comes for me to truly move up myself and I get to work with all these fantastic professionals,” said Black about the main roster.

There’s also another reason why, if ever, Black might be happy to go to the main roster. According to an exclusive report from Wrestling Inc., he and SmackDown’s Zelina Vega have just tied the knot.