Possible Announcement That Vince McMahon Could Be Making On Raw Tonight

It was announced late last week that Vince McMahon would be making his return to Monday Night Raw tonight and would be expected to make a huge announcement. Speculation has been rife over the past few days, especially since Baron Corbin lost his job as General Manager of Monday Night Raw last night and the flagship show is now without an authority figure. 

According to CageSideSeats, Vince McMahon is returning tonight to announce the date of WWE’s next draft.

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Last year there was a superstar shakeup and there have been a few stars making moves to different brands over the past few months, but there hasn’t been an official draft in a few years. PWInsider did state that it is unknown if this is definitely the plan, but there is a feeling that this is the direction that WWE is going in. 

Raw is struggling at present since they don’t have enough big recognizable faces and were forced to turn Dolph Ziggler face last week.

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SmackDown, on the other hand, has been creating stars out of everyone and right now could deal with Becky Lynch moving over to Raw to continue her feud with Ronda Rousey as well as a few other stars who are being underutilized on a Tuesday night. 

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The WWE Draft or a shakeup of the roster usually happens around WrestleMania, but WWE is aware that the ratings have taken a huge hit in recent weeks and have to do something to pull them back.

Bringing Vince McMahon back to the company has definitely boosted the company’s profile, but this could be their way of bringing in some new faces and allowing a few NXT stars to be promoted to the main roster ahead of WrestleMania so that they have more faces to include in The Biggest Event Of The Year.