Possible Reason Why Paige Was Removed As SmackDown General Manager

Paige was given the reins of SmackDown Live following WrestleMania back in April and has been able to have a positive impact on the brand over the past few months.

The former Divas Champion has been praised for her addition to the blue brand ever since she was forced to retire from the ring eight months ago, but this wasn’t enough for her to remain in power following this week’s show. 

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Paige was praised by Commissioner Shane McMahon before it was revealed that she had been relieved of her duties as the General Manager of SmackDown so that a new era could be ushered in which would see the McMahon family take control of both main brands. 

Many fans were disappointed that Paige was taken out of her role but according to a number of sources, the inaugural NXT Women’s Champion will remain on TV and could become a pre-show panelist for many of the company’s upcoming events. 

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CageSideSeats have also reported that Paige has a lot of promoting to do ahead of the release of Fighting With My Family, which is one of the main reasons why the company decided to take her out of the high profile role.

Paige’s movie was originally set to be released this year but was delayed and is now set for release in 2019 and since the story centers around the former Champion’s life it would make sense for her to spearhead the promotion. 

Paige is expected to be handed a new role on WWE TV following her movie release, but for the time being SmackDown Live will be in the safe hands of the McMahon family moving forward.