Rob Van Dam Teases A Return To Professional Wrestling

Rob Van Dam is a former WWE Champion and someone who was able to wrestle at a high standard for a very long time. RVD made the choice to leave WWE back in 2014 and reportedly refused to return on numerous occasions because he wanted to be part of a meaningful storyline. 

There have been plenty of rumors about RVD’s future over the past few years since many reports state that he is now unable to step back in the ring because injuries and concussions have taken their toll on his body. 

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RVD has been wrestling on the Independent Circuit in recent years, but only a select number of dates and many fans have now reached the point where they are wondering what the former ECW Champion is up to. 

One fan stated this on Twitter yesterday and RVD’s response has now led many fans to believe that he is set to make a return to the business and could even be part of some of the company’s future plans.  

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It was stated a number of times on WWE TV this week that this was the start of a new era and it appears that there could be many old and new faces joining the coming in the coming weeks, it will now be hoped that RVD is one of them. 

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At 48 years old, RVD could be looking for one final run in the business before he hangs up his boots, but just four short years ago he was still one of WWE’s most consistent performers.

Rob has always been a superstar who refused to be defined by age and now with the 2019 Royal Rumble fast approaching, he could be a name that many believe will be included.