The Revival Are Reportedly Being Devalued On Purpose By WWE

The Revival have made it clear over the past few months that they are not looking to re-sign with WWE in the coming months when their contracts come to an end. The former Raw Tag Team Champions have publicly commented on their situation and made a number of statements on Social Media, which have led to many fans to believe that the duo could be looking to move over to All Elite Wrestling.

The Revival recently turned down contract extensions which would have made them around $2.5 million in the next five years, which led to WWE adding two months onto the top of Dash Wilder‘s contract because he was sidelined with a broken jaw last year.

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The company has been looking to re-sign a number of talents in recent months to ensure that they can’t follow in Goldust‘s footsteps and sign with AEW. The Revival have no interest in re-signing with WWE which could be why their recent storylines have been somewhat embarrassing.

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The Usos caught the two stars shaving each other’s backs backstage a few weeks ago, before putting icy heat into their wrestling gear this week that saw them dragging themselves around the floor looking like fools.

According to The Wrestling Observer, Dave Meltzer stated that WWE is trying to devalue The Revival as much as possible before their contracts with the company come to an end.

The Revival are seen as one of the best Tag Teams in the world given their old school style and ability to bend the rules as heels, but given the fact that they are not happy with their creative direction in WWE, the duo has refused to re-sign and now WWE wants to ensure that no other company wants them by the time their contracts expire.