WWE Reportedly Has Some Huge Plans For The First Live Episode Of Raw In 2019

Tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw was pre-recorded on Friday night, which means that the company has more than a week to iron out the details when it comes to the first live episode of their flagship show in 2019.

Next week’s episode of Raw will be on January 7th, which is less than three weeks before Royal Rumble. WWE has already announced that the likes of Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman and John Cena will all be present next week, and it appears that all six NXT call-ups could be part of the show as well.

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Bryan Alvarez recently reiterated on The Wrestling Observer that WWE has some huge plans for next week’s episode of Raw and revealed that he believes this could include a number of debuts.

“The idea was that all of these names were going to debut, I don’t know if it was after the Royal Rumble or sometime in January so I presume they’ll be up in the first couple of weeks [of 2019].”

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“All I know is that a couple of weeks ago I said that they figured that the first couple of weeks of January were going to be big. Apparently, they still have something big planned for the first live Raw of 2019, so it could be debuts,” he said via Ringsidenews.

The buildup to the Royal Rumble and the return of a number of familiar faces will definitely boost WWE’s ratings over the next few weeks. The Road To WrestleMania begins at Royal Rumble and by the look of things, WWE is fully prepared for the fact that this is considered to be the most exciting part of the year.