WWE In Saudi Arabia: When Did Vince McMahon Leave The Kingdom?, Plans For Future Women’s Matches

vince mcmahon
Image via Twitter

WWE and Saudi Arabia have resolved their internal issues that arose during Crown Jewel, and both sides are now looking forward to the fulfillment of their “expanded partnership.”

Several Superstars had refused to work the Saudi Arabian show – while some stayed back in the US, others boarded the flight for the huge payday that awaited them in The Kingdom.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Vince McMahon flew out of the country at the earliest, leaving the entire crew behind.

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“WWE sources said that he was already out of the country before learning of any mechanical issues or travel problems with the crew. Flight records show that McMahon left the country at about 12:40 a.m. local time, more than two hours before the flight that never took off was even boarding.”

Due to the rumored internal disputes between WWE and Saudi Arabia, Superstars were sent back to their hotels and detained in The Kingdom which made them believe the CEO had stranded them.

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At Crown Jewel, WWE made history by holding the historic culture-changing inaugural women’s wrestling match between Natalya and Lacey Evans in Saudi Arabia.

Now that the company has officially received a green signal for women’s matches in The Kingdom, it’s worth speculating what both sides could be planning for their next PPV with the female Superstars taking center stage.

“They will no doubt have at least one [women’s] match at every show, but whether they would bring an entire crew, like they did with the men, is an unknown.”

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Per rumors, WWE could likely book a multi-women match for their next Saudi Arabian show. This would allow them to accommodate several female Superstars in a single bout, a booking worthy of closing the gala event.

Crown Jewel was a mixed bag but the controversies that followed far outshone the cash-rich pay-per-view.