WWE Scrapped a Number of Raw Underground Segments From This Week’s Show

Raw Underground has become one of the highlights of Monday Night Raw and has allowed the company to unveil a number of new talents.

Last week, Marina Shafir made her debut before she was blind-sighted by Nia Jax and it appears as though Jessamyn Duke was supposed to have her debut match this week before the call was made to scrap the segment.

According to a report from Fightful Select, Duke’s match against an enhancement talent had already been recorded and the former MMA star reportedly gained some high praise from her match given her striking ability, but the decision was made after the segment was recorded not to air it.

Marina Shafir then had another fight on RAW Underground immediately after her fellow Four Horsewoman.

Titus O’Neil was set to face off against Riddick Moss, while Dolph Ziggler took on Ivar as part of last night’s episode of Raw Underground, but re-writes were still happening throughout the show, which meant that even the commentators who were being fed the information to present were not aware of what was happening.

Instead of presenting Raw Underground the way it was originally planned, the company went with The Hurt Business once again standing tall to end the episode of the show for another week.