WWE Set To Reveal New Championship Designs On Both RAW and SmackDown

Image via Twitter

WWE seems to be updating their Championship designs at present since the new Intercontinental Championship was unveiled last month on Friday Night SmackDown as well as The Universal Championship which was given a new blue leather strap.

According to a recent Tweet by Belts By Dan, a new United States Championship design has been delivered to WWE but there are no current hints when it comes to what it looks like. The United States Championship currently sits around the waist of Rey Mysterio but much like Shinsuke Nakamura’s Championship belt over on SmackDown, WWE could decide to make an update to the Championship under his reign.

The US title isn’t the only belt that is set to be updated since Belts By Dan also reported that the SmackDown Tag Team Championships have been given a new design as well and the belts have been sitting around waiting to be used over the past few months.

The New Day are the current Champions after defeating The Revival in a Ladder match for the Championships back at TLC. Since the Universal and Intercontinental Championships have been updated this year, it would make sense for The Tag Team Champions to follow suit, since the Women’s Championship was only added to the show a few years back.

Belts By Dan has designed a number of WWE Championships and shared many scoops regarding these titles over the years, so he is an authoritative voice in the belt making department.

There are just two more episodes of Monday Night Raw left this decade and WWE could decide to mark the occasion by unveiling a new United States Championship belt for Rey Mysterio and then follow this up with new Tag Team Championships for The New Day over on Friday Night SmackDown a few days later.