WWE Set to Share Much Bigger Tribute to Luke Harper (Brodie Lee)

Last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw began with a tribute graphic to former WWE star Luke Harper/Brodie Lee before the show then kicked off with Drew McIntyre paying tribute in his own way.

Many fans have been outspoken about the fact that WWE should have had a ten bell salute or even a video highlight package for the star, while former WWE star Curt Hawkins even shared his feelings on social media.

PWInsider recently noted that after publishing the article regarding Curt Hawkins, many WWE stars had reached out to the site to reveal that ahead of the show there were several video tributes recorded for the former Champion.

While there is no word yet on when this will be used, it’s obvious that WWE is looking to share a much bigger tribute to their former star. AEW recently announced that this week’s show will be dedicated to Brodie Lee and his career.

Throughout the show, WWE did allow several WWE stars to pay tribute themselves with Xavier Woods delivering a Discus Lariat before the announce team referred to it as a “Harper clothesline.”

Alexa Bliss also used Harper’s “yeah, yeah, yeah” catchphrase as part of her promo when talking to Randy Orton.