WWE Shutting Superstars Out of Performance Center, Talents Unable To Maintain Physique

For over a month, WWE has been using the Performance Center as the sole location for every RAW and SmackDown taping. WrestleMania 36 turned out to be a major success despite being filmed at the empty training facility but the same can’t be said for its weekly shows.

Despite the shortcomings and lackluster RAW and SmackDown episodes, WWE has been pushing through, and now more so than ever thanks to their shiny “essential business” tag.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that WWE is using the Performance Center only for taping purposes. The facility is shut off from Superstars if they aren’t in the segment being dealt with. The talents are neither allowed to access the gym nor hang around in the said premises.

“They’re not allowed to use it, it’s shut down for any kind of training. No, it’s shut down. They’re only allowed in for their segment. They’re not hanging around in that place. You’re outside. You’re getting dressed outside. You’re only coming in for that match. Yeah.”

Meltzer further reported that wrestlers are having a hard time keeping themselves in proper shape. While some have been able to grind at home, the fact is, it’s impossible for them to stay at peak conditioning without hitting the gym on a regular basis.

“I will guarantee you that Tony Nese is probably doing everything that he can do, but without a fully equipped gym, he’s going to get smaller. It’s just the reality because Tony Nese has trained regularly, but if you don’t have access to heavy weights you’re going to get smaller when you look like Tony Nese. With Keith Lee, when you’re not training. Keith Lee’s got this genetic body, I mean he has to train really freaking hard to not look like he looked tonight, and, you know he’s obviously unable to do so right now.”

“With all of them. It’s amazing for the ones who are able to maintain their shape. You can run. You can do push-ups in your house. If you’ve got weights you can do that, but it ain’t the same as a gym, that’s for sure.”

Superstars will now have to wait for normalcy to return in order to regain access to WWE’s gigantic gym at the Performance Center in Orlando.