WWE SmackDown Fox Updates: One-Hour WWE Special, MLB-NFL Stars For Debut Show

FOX desperately wants to establish SmackDown as the new flagship show of WWE

Image via WWE

WWE SmackDown will debut on Fox on October 4 and both entertainment giants are jointly firing on all cylinders to hype the show in and make it a huge success.

On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez revealed that FOX is set to air a one-hour special to properly introduce both regular and non-wrestling fans to the Superstars on the blue brand.

“It appears it will be a one hour show. It appears there will be no matches on the show. It will be an introduction.”

“The idea is they’re trying to introduce WWE to people who are not WWE fans. So if you’re like a big time WWE fan you’re probably not going to want to watch this show. I’m not saying you won’t like it, but it’s not for you — it’s for your neighbor who doesn’t watch wrestling.”

As previosuly reported, WWE is trying to get as many legends and celebrities to appear on SmackDown’s debut show on FOX. There are plans for a red carpet event too – the idea is to give The Blue Show a Hollywood-esque feel.

However, it now turns out that WWE is going way beyond Hollywood celebrities – in fact, they could be already pushing for MLB and NFL stars to appear on the iconic debut episode.

“Everybody that they can get and believe me, they want The Rock — everybody they can get will be on that debut show and it’s gonna be a giant show. They’re probably gonna want to shoot an angle for the next week and we’re talking red carpet, paparazzi, celebrities. They’re gonna try to get sports stars to appear on the show. Major League Baseball, NFL since Fox has the TV rights to both. So that’s the update on the Fox debut. It’s gonna be the biggest WWE show in a long, long time.”

If WWE and FOX are able to maintain the momentum, not only will SmackDown deliver a record viewership on October 4, but will also allow both companies to establish The Blue Show as a legitimate sports programme.