WWE SmackDown Fox Updates: To Be Promoted As Legitimate Sport, Behind The Scenes Look

Will FOX's SmackDown outshine USA's Monday Night RAW?

Image via WWE

WWE SmackDown will be moving to FOX, in the Fall, and the weekly show is about to get a major overhaul for good reasons.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that FOX is firing on all cylinders to cement SmackDown as a legitimate sport and not entertainment, unlike Monday Night RAW.

“They want everyone — all the stations — to report WWE as a legitimate sport and not entertainment. They’re gonna start promoting the 20th Anniversary of SmackDown which I presume is the October 4th episode and they’re gonna have a lot of surprises on that show.”

As previously reported, FOX wants SmackDown to consist of more sports and less comedy. This will allow the network to cross-promote The Blue Show across other programmes.

WWE has already penned huge plans for the SmackDown debut show on FOX (October 4) and the list only gets bigger with each passing day!

In order to ensure that fans are properly introduced to all the wrestlers on the blue brand before the official debut, WWE is set to host a special one-hour show in late September.

“There’s going to be a one-hour launch show in late September I’m going to guess on a Friday night to build the first show to introduce the wrestlers, the talent of WWE to the audience.”

Current plans further suggest that WWE will go town-hopping in a big moving van to hype the FOX move while pushing new fans to get familiar with the insider wrestling terms.

“They’re doing something where I guess they’re gonna do the Lex Express modernizes where wrestlers will be in a moving truck going to different cities — big, small, and intermediate markets — to promote starting on Fox in October.”

“They are planning a digital primer where viewers can get a behind the scenes look at the product and to teach viewers inside wrestling terms.”

FOX has invested a bank in SmackDown and will leave no stone unturned to reap maximum profits. At the same time, WWE wants to bring in tremendous ratings as there runs the risk of being dropped from the network if The Blue Show fails to impress FOX.