WWE Strong-Armed The Revival into Giving Up Their Trademarks

The Revival were quite recently granted their release from WWE, after months of them requesting for a way out from the company. The duo were finally given the green light, but they had been preparing for their exit for months.

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, who are now known as Dax Hardwood and Cash Wheeler, had started filing trademarks for several names while they were contracted with the company.

This decision eventually led to nowhere as WWE themselves filed for those trademarks, and used their contracts as leverage.

Fightful Select reported that Hardwood and Wheeler’s deals were scheduled to end in April and June respectively, but the company intended to keep them for much longer. They were ready to add more months to Hardwood’s contract due to the time spent away due to injuries.

WWE offered The Revival a deal, and if they signed off their trademarks, the company would let them go in April itself. The duo apparently took the deal, and now WWE is filing trademarks for several of the names Revival themselves took in months ago.

“They were going to add significant time to Dawson’s (now Harwood) contract that extended him out beyond where Wilder (now Wheeler) was. WWE gave The Revival an out if the duo signed over a number of trademarks that Wheeler and Harwood spent their own money to acquire.”

Some of the trademarks that the Top Guys filed for included ‘No Flips, Just Fists’, ‘Top Guys’, ‘Say Yeah’ and ‘FTRKO’, and used an AEW attorney to do the same. WWE has now started the process of acquiring these trademarks, presumably due to Revival signing off their rights over the names.

The duo will be known as The Revolt going forward, and are widely expected to join the AEW roster soon. They do not have the ninety-day non-compete clause attached to their release and should show up on Dynamite pretty soon.