WWE Superstar Claims That COVID-19 Pandemic “Is a Work”

The COVID-19 pandemic has crippled the world on a global scale over the past three months, but this week it finally penetrated the WWE bubble when a developmental star tested positive for the virus.

Governments around the world have been urging people to stay home and work from home since March, while WWE was able to gain ‘essential’ work labeling so that their employees could continue to perform.

While many stars have continued to show up for work and performed in front of an empty arena, the likes of Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn have decided to stay home for their own safety.

WWE has been able to push forward with cutting their restrictions recently since the company has welcomed back audience members in recent weeks, even though they were just NXT superstars. This past week was the first week that family and friends were invited to be part of the tapings, but a positive test could have put these moves on hold.

The recent pandemic has caused WWE a number of issues and the recent positive test has meant that the company has been forced to delay the tapings. On the back of this, Mike Johnson of PWinsider recently reported that at least one WWE superstar believes that the entire situation could be a work.

“I want to stress that there have been some we’ve spoken to who have shrugged at the entire scenario over the last 24 hours, feeling it’s overblown,” says Johnson, “especially the one person who, as noted, feels the pandemic is a ‘work’.”

This is a strange comment for anyone to make, but according to current online rumors, AJ Styles is thought to be the star behind the comments. This would make sense since the former WWE Champion has made some interesting comments in the past, but it must be stressed that these are just rumors and Johnson is still yet to name the star in question.