WWE Superstars “Encouraged” To Wear Masks At Performance Center Tapings

Florida’s stay-at-home lockdown order during the coronavirus pandemic has forced WWE to shuffle its plans for weekly tapings. Instead of filming content on a week-to-week basis, WWE will be taping content at a stretch beginning this Friday.

Post Wrestling reports that WWE’s week-long marathon TV taping begins on April 10th. The entire stretch of tapings will continue until next Thursday. The company will film a month’s worth of television content at the Performance Center and Full Sail University with three or four episodes each of Monday Night RAW, Friday Night SmackDown, and NXT.

“The tapings begin Friday at the Performance Center. One source added that NXT is expected to be taped at Full Sail University during this stretch of tapings.”

WWE is taking several precautionary measures to ensure everyone working at the taping is safe from the coronavirus. Not only will the canvas and turnbuckle be changed between matches, but the entire Performance Center will also be sanitized at regular intervals.

According to TMZ, WWE will check the temperature of each individual entering the training facility. Furthermore, the talents have been “encouraged” to wear face masks; in case any Superstar fails to carry a mask to the taping, he/she will have to make one from sewing fabric, bandanna, or old t-shirt sleeves. The performers have been instructed to remove the medical gear when they are on camera.

“We’re told WWE honchos were so happy with the way things went down at WrestleMania over the weekend, they plan on using a similar protocol for the upcoming events including “SmackDown” on Friday and “Raw” on Monday.”

“Once inside, everyone is encouraged to wear a face mask — and if you can’t get one, make one!”

What’s interesting is that the billion-dollar promotion isn’t providing masks to its Superstars. Hopefully, the talents will get a much-needed break once the shooting wraps up next week.