WWE Superstars Get a Bonus for Appearing at Survivor Series

Fightful Select is reporting that some talents who appeared during the recently concluded Survivor Series pay-per-view received a bonus.

According to their report, “flat bonuses” for appearing during the Survivor Series PPV were received by several talents on the show.

While it had been mentioned by their sources that the bonus amount was $15,000, certain superstars might have received a different amount depending on what “tier” they are considered in.

It should be noted that bonuses for certain performances and participation in certain events have previously been reportedly doled out by WWE. There are also some talent contracts that feature television and WWE Network bonuses.

Given as Survivor Series is considered one of “Big Four” pay-per-view events that WWE holds annually, it’s not that surprising to learn that being part of the Survivor Series show, be it as a singles wrestler or as part of one of the traditional five-on-five matches.

This year’s Survivor Series had five matches on the main show and a battle royale during the kickoff show, so there we’re a lot of WWE talent working that night who, if Fightful Select’s sources are correct, might have gotten a nice little pay date that was a little bigger then they initially expected.