WWE Superstars Reportedly Frustrated By Shane McMahon’s Main Event Push

Shane McMahon
Image via Twitter

Shane McMahon does curry a lot of favor backstage in WWE since he’s the boss’s son, but over the past year, it appears that Shane O’Mac could have taken it a little bit too far. The former Tag Team Champion is now considered to be The Best in the World after he won The WWE World Cup tournament back at Crown Jewel and has been part of a number of main event level feuds throughout 2019.

McMahon has been rumored to be the man who could take the WWE Championship away from Kofi Kingston in the coming months, which could be why Fightful Select recently revealed that there are a number of stars backstage who are infuriated by the fact that McMahon has been the subject of a huge push.

“We’ve not heard of Shane being criticized personally, but that the decision to heavily feature Shane McMahon in the middle of a Wild Card scenario that already limits screen time for others is “infuriating,” via Ringsidenews.

According to the report, many stars are frustrated that the Commissioner of SmackDown Live has been the one who has been taking up one of the Wild Card spots in recent weeks which could have been used as opportunities for other stars.

This was the case this week as Drew McIntyre, Shane McMahon and The Revival were seen backstage in a VIP room at Raw, despite the fact that the match at Stomping Grounds is between McIntyre and Roman Reigns, which could have been built up without him.

While McMahon reportedly hasn’t been criticized personally, there are a number of stars who are not happy about the way the storyline is currently being handled and the fact that a push of this caliber has been handed to Shane McMahon.

It is unknown what this means for this storyline heading into Extreme Rules next month, but hopefully the negative impact backstage will lead to WWE rethinking the Kofi Kingston WWE Championship storyline pay off since many fans have already voiced their opinion on what would be the worst ending to one of the best WWE Championship reigns of the current generation.