WWE Tacking More Time Onto Jeff Hardy’s Contract, EC3’s Return, Update On Elias

Image via WWE

The Hardy Boyz relinquished the SmackDown Tag Team Championship in April due to Jeff Hardy’s leg injury. WWE officially announced that Jeff would be sidelined for about 6 to 9 months.

Fightful reports that The Charismatic Enigma was scheduled for medical clearance in November. However, he is currently dealing with his personal issues and legal problems arising out of a DUI arrest. The WWE Universe is waiting for Hardy‘s return to the ring.

Jeff Hardy‘s original expected return date was early November, but he’s still sidelined as WWE is having him take care of his personal and legal issues upon returning. It should be noted that they’ve already extended his contract due to missed time.”

Meanwhile, EC3 is currently on the road to recovery after being sidelined with a concussion last month. His situation turned out to be worse than initially expected and WWE doesn’t have any return timetable for the Top One Percent at the moment.

EC3 has been out of action since sustaining a concussion, which we’re told was worse than some he’d sustained previously. WWE doesn’t have a return date listed for him, but we’re told he’s started to recover from some of the symptoms.”

On November 29th episode of SmackDown, Elias made his in-ring return as a babyface but cemented his heel turn by attacking Drake Maverick just a week later. He’s been playing the role of a backstage character with Dana Brooke and fans are waiting for WWE to find a suitable opponent for him.

The Drifter is cleared for action and even wrestled Dolph Ziggler as a babyface during a house show this past weekend. However, WWE is yet to shove him back into storylines.

“Even though he’s not wrestled on TV, Elias is completely cleared and worked a live event match last week against Dolph Ziggler.”