WWE Teases The Ultimate ‘Undertaker vs Sting’ Dream Match On Social Media

WWE’s Social Media usage and reach has definitely improved over the years, to the point now where many matches are made because of altercations on either Twitter or Instagram.

The company has also been able to use their Social Media accounts as useful tools in order to gauge the WWE Universe’s reaction to the announcement of certain matches, which could be what they are attempting to do once again.

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Earlier today, the company posted the following image on their Instagram page where they added the caption “Imagine.”

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The Undertaker has returned to WWE numerous times over the past few months and is part of a match next weekend at Extreme Rules, when he teams with Roman Reigns against Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre in a No Holds Barred showdown.

Undertaker already had a fantasy match against Goldberg back at Super ShowDown in June, which did not turn out as expected, but Sting is the one opponent who has always alluded The Deadman. Sting himself has pointed out numerous times that he is open to a match with the WWE legend which is why he took so long to announce his retirement from the business.

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Undertaker is seen as the face of WWE while Sting will always be the face of WCW, a match between the two men would be the ultimate nostalgic bout for the older generation of fans.

Could WWE be testing the water to see if the WWE Universe still want to see this match following the ill-fated match between Taker and Goldberg a few weeks ago? Given the freedom the company has when it comes to booking legends for Saudi Arabia shows, it’s likely that the company could look into bringing Sting in for the upcoming show in The Middle East in November which would allow this ultimate dream match to finally take place.