WWE Thunderdome All Set to Move From Amway Center Next Month

In August this year, WWE introduced the Thunderdome concept. Fans from all around the world are allowed to be featured on the Thunderdome during WWE shows.

The concept, so far, has received mixed reactions from the WWE Universe. Some believe Thunderdome is a great idea while some don’t completely agree with it.

According to a report by eWrestlingNews, WWE is all set to move Thunderdome to a different venue going forward. As of now, WWE is hosting their shows in Amway Center but soon, they will be moving to Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.

WWE’s extended deal with Amway Center will last until November and, next month, they will shift their production to Tropicana Field.

As of the time of writing, it’s reported that WWE will not shift from Florida anytime soon after the change.

MLB isn’t going to start until early 2021 which gives a lot of time to WWE to host their live shows in the Tropicana Field. It also has a bigger size as compared to Amway Center which means more fans might be seen on Thunderdome.