WWE ThunderDome Could be Extended at Tropicana Field

WWE found their new home at the Tropicana Field last December, but their contract was only until March, as the baseball season is scheduled to kick off at that time.

However, Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently reported that the baseball season could be delayed, which will allow WWE to continue producing shows from the Tropicana Field (Thunderdome).

“WWE was going to have to leave Tropicana Field in mid-March so they could get the field ready for baseball season. However, if the next baseball season ends up being pushed back, they may not have to move until a later date.” 

The company is going to move away for a while in April with Wrestlemania taking place from the Raymond James Stadium, but could always return to the Tropicana Field until the baseball season starts.

It’s been almost a year since WWE last held a show outside of Thunderdome or Performance Center due to the COVID-19 induced lockdown.